After this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Identify and master the use and care of tools and equipment used for beauty and hair care
  • Develop good working habits and communication skills for business development
  • Practice yoga, meditation and dress appropriately as a beautician
  • Practice various methods and techniques of massage in facial, pedicure and manicure
  • Become familiar with the structure of nail, hair and their common problems
  • Master the techniques of removal of superfluous hair, by threading, bleaching, waxing (cold and hot and depilation)
  • Shape and arch eyebrows and apply bridal makeup and makeup or various occasions and times of day
  • Use of Mehendi colour and dye for colouring hair
  • Practice Mehndi application on hands and feet and Mehndi tatooing
  • Cut, trim, set style, curl and straighten hair
  • Practice head oil massage and shampoo hair
  • Read and follow instructions given for use of various cosmetics and beauty products
  • Prepare home-made cosmetics especially packs, masks, lotion etc. using easily available herbs and items in the home
  • Follow safe and appropriate working habits
Medium of Instruction


Entry Level

8th pass

Course Duration

Six months

Essential Course Duration

370 Hours

Course Fee

Rs. 3000/-

Course Components
S.No Title of Component Essential Contact Hrs
Theory Practical
1 Beauty Culture and Hair Care 100 270
  Total Duration 370 Hours
Scheme of Examination
S.No Course Code Name of the subject / Modules Time (in hrs.) Marks Total
Theory Practical Theory Practical Internal Assessment
1 612 Beauty Culture and Hair Care 1.5 3 30 90 80 200
Passing Criteria
S.No Course Code Name of the subject Certification criteria (percentage)
Theory Practical Internal Assessment Aggregate in each paper module
1 612 Beauty Culture and Hair Care 40 50 40 50